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PixelLab proves to be a handy application for text customization. With a multitude of preset options, tasks like adding text, editing shapes, and drawing on photos become effortlessly simple. The layout is organized in a clear and user-friendly manner, ensuring minimal distractions during work, and the process of searching and choosing becomes more straightforward. Moreover, coupled with your creativity, PixelLab empowers you to craft beautiful products that capture admiration.

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PixelLab MOD APK

PixelLab stands out for its remarkable ability to cater to individual needs, allowing users to create and edit according to their preferences. This application has gained immense popularity worldwide due to its brilliant and free features. Presently, millions of users engage with PixelLab every month, drawn to its extensive collection of beautiful and elegant fonts, ideal for crafting quotes and adding text to images.

For Android users, PixelLab emerges as the perfect solution to make pictures memorable while saving valuable time, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The application is exceptionally optimized, accommodating all picture formats for diverse needs. The editing capabilities within PixelLab elevate ordinary pictures to a professional standard. A notable feature is the seamless saving of edited pictures directly into your phone gallery, providing easy access for sharing across various apps, including other editing apps like Lightroom and Picsart.

Customizable Text

When you dive into PixelLab, you gain the capability to tailor the text exactly as you desire. The flexibility to add or remove elements in the text enhances clarity, logic, and coherence. Moreover, the application offers an immersive 3D text feature, elevating the visual appeal of your text creations. PixelLab is not just about functionality; it also brings a high level of aesthetics to the table. By combining reflections, reliefs, shadows, and diverse text colors, you can fashion text that is not unique but also aesthetically pleasing. The application provides the option to either craft your fonts or choose from a selection of over 100 hand-picked fonts, giving you the freedom to express your creativity effortlessly.

Wide Range of Images and Emoji

The application offers users a multitude of engaging features. Beyond the ability to customize text, users can also enhance it by adding adorable stickers and emojis with customizable sizes, injecting a delightful and interesting touch to the text. Furthermore, the application allows users to incorporate their images or craft personalized stickers. An additional feature enables direct drawing on the text, turning the drawn image into a usable sticker with the freedom to resize and reposition it as desired. PixelLab provides a creative playground for users to infuse charm and uniqueness into their text creations.

Remove or Change Background

PixelLab empowers you to alter the background according to your preferences. The background can be a single color, a combination of colors, or an image that resonates with your taste and suits your post. If you find the current background unsuitable, PixelLab allows you to effortlessly remove it and replace it with a more fitting one, ensuring clarity and visual appeal. With a thoughtfully chosen background image, your information becomes more prominent and eye-catching, adding a touch of sophistication to your creations.

Amazing Picture Effects

The application offers users highly convenient image editing effects. You have the flexibility to customize the photo’s perspective to complement the text best. Beyond just altering the text content, you can also incorporate logos into the mix. The available effects significantly enhance the beauty of your pictures. You possess the freedom to modify textures, colors, warmth, brightness, and saturation, thereby enhancing the overall image quality. PixelLab provides a comprehensive set of tools to refine and elevate your images, ensuring they captivate with improved aesthetics.

Export and Save Projects

The beautiful text and images you create will be saved as a project. The remarkable thing about this feature is that it is always available for us to use even though the application is closed. The images are saved in any format you want with high image quality. When using the quick share button, your images will be shared to social networking sites with just one touch.

PixelLab gives you wonderful experiences. Mainly, you do not have to worry when you accidentally press the delete button because this application functions to go back and store information. This application also has a dark mode to meet the requests of some customers.


In conclusion, PixelLab MOD APK, version 2.1.3, emerges as a versatile and powerful tool for text and image customization. With a plethora of features ranging from customizable text and adorable stickers to flexible background editing and convenient image effects, PixelLab offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for creative expression. The ability to save projects and maintain accessibility even when the application is closed enhances user convenience, while the quick share button simplifies sharing across social networking sites.

Noteworthy features such as undo functionality and the inclusion of a dark mode further contribute to an enriched user experience. Downloading PixelLab MOD APK v2.1.3 opens up a world of creative possibilities, providing a seamless and enhanced editing journey.

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