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With an active Internet connection, Android users on JioSaavn Music & Radio can seamlessly access and indulge in their preferred songs, podcasts, and live radio stations at their convenience. Dive into a vast repository of Indian melodies and international chart-toppers, spanning diverse language groups such as Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bangla, and more.

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Simultaneously, explore many meticulously curated and personalized experiences within the app, ensuring an ever-enriching journey with your favourite tunes. Unearth remarkable tracks from various collections, enhancing your listening pleasure. Additionally, relish playing and downloading music files onto your devices for offline enjoyment. With these comprehensive features, JioSaavn Music & Radio is an exemplary music app for your entertainment pursuits.

About JioSaavn

In JioSaavn Music & Radio, Android users can access millions of songs, podcasts, and online radio channels, available for enjoyment anytime, anywhere. Delight in the seamless experience offered by the free and user-friendly application from Saavn Media, where you can effortlessly explore their extensive audio content. Revel in the thrill of discovering the latest tracks, complemented by personalized and meticulously curated content tailored to your preferences. Explore timeless classics across many languages, adding depth to your musical journey.


Immerse yourself in the unlimited music collection, continuously enriched with updates from Saavn Media, ensuring a never-ending stream of your favorite tunes. Discover an array of captivating music and podcast playlists covering diverse topics for your enjoyment. With synced lyrics, engage in immersive sing-along experiences with your beloved tracks. Seamlessly integrate the app with smart devices such as Google Home, Alexa, Chromecast, Airplay, and more for enhanced accessibility. Enjoy high-quality music playback and access to many useful in-app features, elevating your listening experience to new heights.

Vast Collection

In JioSaavn Music & Radio, Android users are allowed to immerse themselves in an expansive collection of audio content across music, podcasts, and live radio stations throughout India. The extensive library is at your fingertips for an enriching experience. Delight in exploring songs in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and various other Indian language groups, alongside savoring international English hits from the US and UK.

Additionally, uncover tracks from your favorite artists within the app by searching for their names or specific songs, making the discovery process seamless. Relish the melodies of yesteryears, dive into many intriguing podcasts covering a myriad of topics, and tune in to numerous captivating radio stations. The diverse and comprehensive audio content in JioSaavn Music & Radio ensures a fulfilling and enjoyable auditory journey for Android users.

Personalize Playlist

With personalized music experiences, JioSaavn Music & Radio Android users can effortlessly enhance their in-app journeys. Revel in thoughtfully curated music and podcast playlists tailored to your interests, ensuring a delightful auditory adventure. Explore many captivating radio stations featuring intriguing shows for you to follow. As you continue to engage with the app, it intuitively learns your preferences for music, podcasts, and radio channels.


This dynamic learning process results in the app introducing progressively better and more enjoyable experiences for mobile users. The more you immerse yourself in JioSaavn Music & Radio, the more finely tuned and customized the content creates a truly personalized and satisfying musical and auditory landscape for your enjoyment.

Karaoke mode

For those who harbor an interest, JioSaavn Music & Radio offers the joy of singing along to your favorite tunes. With a simple toggle, turn on the lyrics and delve into the available Karaoke mode, enabling you to sing along with the incredible musical pieces. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of music and relish the experience to its fullest by harmonizing with the lyrics in this interactive and enjoyable feature.

Exclusive and Original Artists

In JioSaavn Music & Radio, Android users gain exclusive access to a myriad of original content, a treasure trove uniquely available within the mobile app. This exclusivity becomes particularly significant if you support featured artists in the app. Delight in the privilege of being among the first to listen to their latest songs before the broader audience. Additionally, uncover exceptional podcasts that are exclusively curated and can only be enjoyed within the confines of the mobile app, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to your auditory experience.

Download for Offline

To enhance the app’s allure, Android users can also elevate their experience by downloading and enjoying songs offline. Select your preferred tunes before venturing out, allowing you to seamlessly stream music from your devices even in the absence of an internet connection. This feature proves exceptionally convenient for those interested in the portable utilization of the mobile app, ensuring a continuous and enjoyable music experience regardless of internet availability.


special deals and offers

Simultaneously, for Indian users, the opportunity awaits to avail of numerous special deals and offers on upcoming concerts in your vicinity through JioSaavn Music & Radio. Delight in the chance to purchase music products at enticing prices and seize the opportunity to attend various events with complimentary tickets. These exclusive offerings are bound to leave a lasting impression on music enthusiasts, providing a unique and rewarding experience for those eager to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of live music and events.

Unlocked Version

Finally, with the free and unlocked version of the JioSaavn Music & Radio application, accessible on our website, Android users can revel in their extensive music collections at any time. Select and play your favorite songs without the interruption of ads. Experience music at its highest quality, ensuring an immersive auditory journey. Make the most of numerous in-app features, enhancing your overall music enjoyment. To unlock this enhanced experience, all you need to do is download and install the JioSaavn Mod APK available on our website.


JioSaavn Music & Radio stands as a versatile and enriching platform for Android users, offering an extensive collection of songs, podcasts, and live radio stations. The app caters to diverse preferences, allowing users to explore content in various Indian languages and international hits. With personalized experiences, users can curate their musical journeys, discovering exclusive and original content available only on the app.

The ability to sing along with Karaoke mode and the option to download music for offline listening add interactive and convenient elements. Additionally, Indian users can access special deals on concerts and music products. The free and unlocked version, available through the JioSaavn Mod APK, provides an ad-free and high-quality music experience. Download and immerse yourself in JioSaavn Music & Radio for a seamless and enjoyable musical adventure.

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