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BeFunky Photo Editor

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PublisherBefunky Inc
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RequiredAndroid 9.0+
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About BeFunky Photo Editor

Its nifty photo-editing powerhouse offers a plethora of around 30 features. It’s not just about basic cropping here; it takes you on a ride, letting you sprinkle creative filters and tweak saturation levels to your heart’s content. So, if you’re after some serious photo personalization, BeFunky’s got your back.

Simpler Interface

This is a standout in the world of photo apps, all thanks to its user-friendly design. You don’t need a tech degree to navigate it! Want to spice up your pics? BeFunky lets you do it effortlessly. Doodle directly on your pic or play with sliders – it’s like magic. Whether you’re goofing around with funny glasses and a fake mustache or fixing up the colors in a beautiful scene, it is your go-to. And don’t worry about oopsies – the undo button is there to save the day!

Edit With A.I

BeFunky takes the hassle out of photo editing with its nifty use of artificial intelligence. Thanks to the smart auto-collage tool and ready-to-go templates, even those without ninja editing skills can whip up eye-catching graphics effortlessly. It is all about democratizing picture editing and graphic design – bringing AI-powered tools to the masses.

No more endless tweaking and guessing! BeFunky’s A.I. Image Enhancer steps in, automatically adjusting colors, contrast, and other details to give your photos that extra pop and detail. Easy peasy!

Unique Effecets

BeFunky’s Artsy effects are like a magic wand for your photos, turning them into instant creative marvels. With just a swipe, users can craft one-of-a-kind, gallery-ready pictures. How? By adding realistic textures, lifelike brush strokes, and vibrant color palettes that bring your images to life!

A.I Enhancer and Remover

BeFunky’s Background Remover, fueled by artificial intelligence, is like a digital magic eraser. It zeros in on the subject of your image, skillfully removing the background around it. Perfect for switching up product photos, tweaking portrait backdrops, and more.

And there’s more magic with it’s A.I. Portrait Enhancer – a simple tap turns you into a portrait pro! This nifty tool handles exposure tweaks, smooths out fine lines and blemishes, brightens eyes, whitens teeth – all while keeping your freckles and beauty marks shining through. Easy glam in just a tap!

Make Photo Collages

BeFunky’s Collage Wizard builds ideal collage layouts automatically, resulting in high-resolution photo collages without cropping or cutting any photos. This cutting-edge technology enables users to create breathtaking collages in seconds.

Variety of Personalize Fonts

BeFunky’s Text Editor provides extensive fonts and editing choices for adding text to photographs, graphics, and collages. Users can choose from a curated collection of hand-selected typefaces for a unique touch or upload their own.

Its Collage Wizard is like your personal collage architect. It crafts perfect layouts for your collages without any need for cutting or cropping photos. Thanks to this technology, users can make stunning, high-resolution collages in just a few seconds. Easy collage creation at your fingertips!

Range of Templates Designs

For birthdays, weddings, or even small business campaigns, BeFunky’s design templates are your perfect kick-off point. Dive into a sea of thousands of professionally designed themes, and voila! Users can swiftly put their personal touch on their creations, making every event a uniquely crafted masterpiece. Easy peasy personalization for any occasion!

BeFunky helps you improve your skills.

It is all about helping users unlock the full potential of the platform. Dive into an expansive library of learning tools – think video lessons, blog posts, and user manuals. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming for sophisticated design finesse, these tools cover it all. From basic editing how-tos to the nitty-gritty of design principles, BeFunky’s got you covered. Hone your skills, and watch your pictures go from good to outstanding in no time!


BeFunky isn’t just a picture editing tool – it’s your go-to for creating graphics, no matter your skill level. With a diverse toolbox, AI magic, and an interface that’s a breeze to navigate, BeFunky empowers everyone to whip up stunning graphics effortlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just having some casual creative fun, It promises an exceptional experience that’ll change the way you edit and create. Get ready for a creative revolution!

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