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AppLock offers a range of impressive and unique security features. Despite its numerous functionalities and conveniences, the Android platform remains susceptible to security issues that users need to consider, particularly if they have important apps and documents stored on their devices. However, with the assistance of this invaluable tool from DoMobile Lab, users can effectively mitigate security threats such as unwanted hacks, unauthorized access, and breaches.

Users are encouraged to leverage the app’s capabilities to lock all vital applications on their devices, ensuring that private content remains inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. Additionally, the app provides the option to conceal pictures and videos, effectively removing them from the app gallery. For added security, users can enable app locks with random keyboards, thwarting any attempts to decipher security codes or patterns by unauthorized individuals.

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About AppLock

In AppLock, Android users gain access to a fully-featured security tool embedded in their system, providing robust privacy protection through passwords, patterns, or fingerprint locks on all available applications. Safeguard essential apps within secure vaults, ensuring their protection. Conceal pictures and videos from the gallery add an extra privacy layer. The inclusion of a random keyboard enhances security measures.

Explore the intuitive and user-friendly mobile app, leveraging its UI to its fullest potential. Unlock private browsers with complete security and anonymity during internet browsing. Activate private SNS to safeguard your messages exclusively. Capture images of potential intruders attempting to access your device discreetly.

Customize in-app features and the UI according to personal preferences. Implement smart locks with time and location triggers for enhanced flexibility. Conceal the AppLock icon for an added layer of security. Unlock the useful app widget, allowing seamless navigation of in-app features directly from the home screen. The possibilities are vast in this comprehensive security tool.

Unique Locking System

In comparison to the singular locking mechanism offered by AppLock Fingerprint, AppLock provides Android users with a broader array of options while maintaining similar functionality. This ensures a more versatile experience for users when securing their devices. Enjoy the flexibility of locking apps using passwords, patterns, and fingerprints, all within this exceptional application from DoMobile Lab.

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To enhance security and prevent unauthorized access, the app automatically alters the keyboard setups randomly. This innovative feature ensures that each time a lock is entered, it presents a new configuration, adding an element of surprise and making it more challenging for others to decipher codes or finger patterns. The diversity of locking mechanisms in AppLock contributes to a more adaptable and secure user experience.

Smart Lock Option

For those intrigued, AppLock offers smart lock options for Android users, providing the flexibility to tailor in-app experiences to their preferences. Users can optimize their usage by setting auto-lock and unlock periods based on the time spent in AppLock. Additionally, explore the location lock feature, allowing devices to remain locked or unlocked depending on specific locations.

Crucially, to prevent inconvenience from auto-lock options, AppLock incorporates a brief exit feature. This ensures that the app remains unlocked for a defined period before reinstating security measures. Consequently, users can freely access and exit certain apps without immediate relocking, adding a layer of convenience to their overall experience.

Picture vault

Simultaneously, to safeguard your crucial pictures and videos, AppLock users can activate the built-in Vault feature. This functionality automatically conceals selected pictures and videos from any accessible gallery, ensuring that only authorized access through the correct passwords in AppLock allows entry. Users have the liberty to choose any images and videos, ensuring their privacy and adding an extra layer of protection within AppLock.

Easy User Interface

To enhance accessibility, DoMobile Lab has incorporated well-designed themes for their mobile devices within the AppLock application. This feature aims to simplify navigation through the user interface, ensuring a user-friendly experience. The availability of thoughtfully crafted themes not only adds a visually appealing touch but also facilitates ease of use, making it more straightforward for users to navigate and utilize all the available features in the app.

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built-in Internet browser

In AppLock, Android users gain access to the built-in Internet browser, providing numerous private options for a secure online experience. Users can enable the incognito browser feature, ensuring no records of browsing history and private data. Simultaneously, this feature acts as a protective shield for online connections, safeguarding them from unwanted threats and vulnerabilities. Enjoy a secure and private browsing experience directly within the AppLock application.

Private SNS

To ensure the complete security of your shared content through messaging apps and social media channels, AppLock also provides its private SNS feature. Simply enable this feature, and you can effortlessly log in to multiple accounts with ease. This ensures that your social media interactions and shared content remain entirely secured within the AppLock application.

Customizable Background

In AppLock, users can indulge in the experience of working with a fully customized app UI, allowing for quick and easy changes to background images. Enjoy the freedom to select from the in-app collection and enable any available pictures, instantly transforming the in-app visuals. Alternatively, users can also utilize images from their device’s storage, providing a personalized touch to the AppLock interface. This feature ensures a visually pleasing and tailored experience, allowing users to create an aesthetic that suits their preferences.

Create Locked Grouped

Moreover, to accommodate diverse Android profiles, AppLock provides various locked app groups where specific apps and games are selected according to individual preferences. Users are encouraged to explore these engaging options, experimenting with customization to tailor the app according to their respective profiles. This feature ensures a flexible and personalized experience, allowing users to adapt AppLock to their unique preferences and requirements.

Hide AppLock Icon

To ensure absolute protection and maintain the utmost secrecy about the application and its existence, users can also conceal the AppLock icon from their system. Additionally, AppLock introduces Advanced Protection, preventing the system from terminating tasks or uninstalling the app. The available lock system settings further serve as a safeguard, preventing inadvertent interference from children and ensuring the security of your devices.

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Lock Switch Access

For users interested in added convenience, AppLock offers the lock switch feature, simplifying the protection of your app through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other syncing options. Additionally, users can freely lock and unlock the app using the available controls conveniently located in the notification bar. This feature enhances ease of use, providing quick and accessible controls for managing the security of your applications.


For those interested, you can now enjoy the impressive AppLock application on the Google Play Store completely free of charge. Simply download and install the app effortlessly. Begin exploring its myriad features as you navigate through. Additionally, feel free to consider any in-app purchases to unlock additional features.

Ensure to grant the app all necessary access permissions, as they are essential to enable the full functionality of your application. Also, remember to keep your devices updated to the latest firmware versions, ensuring optimal compatibility and allowing users to fully enjoy their application experience.


In conclusion, AppLock stands as a versatile and feature-rich application, offering users a secure and Customizable experience in safeguarding their apps and data on Android devices. With various locking mechanisms, smart lock options, and a built-in vault for added privacy, AppLock caters to diverse user preferences. The app’s ability to hide its icon and incorporate advanced protection features ensures discreet and robust security.

AppLock also provides flexibility with different locked app groups, allowing users to customize profiles based on their preferences. The availability of themes and personalized UI enhancements adds a touch of aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, AppLock addresses concerns of potential intruders by capturing intruder selfies and boasts additional features like the lock switch for added convenience.

Whether accessed through the Google Play Store or a fully unlocked version, AppLock offers users a range of choices to tailor their security measures. It is crucial to follow the recommended permissions and keep devices updated for seamless functionality. Overall, AppLock is a comprehensive solution for those seeking a secure and personalized app protection experience on their Android devices.

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